Posted 21.03.19

As part of Notre Dame’s activities to celebrate British Science Week, Mrs Lardelli organised the opportunity for students to see eggs incubating and hatching into chicks!

The incubation period is 21 days so Mrs Lardelli planned for the hatching to occur in Science Week.  Students spent their lunchtimes watching the incubator intently and cuddling the fluffy chicks which they named: Nugget, Pepper, Salt, Princess, Dino and Daisy.

Some interesting facts:

  • Chicks only remain “fluffy” for about 2 weeks as feathers appear really quickly
  • At 16 weeks they could already start laying eggs
  • The females determine the sex of the offspring i.e. have 2 different sex chromosomes, whereas in humans the men do
  • All of the chicks will remain as pets at the family farm. They are not reared for the oven, purely for eggs.

Science Chicks 4                                              Science Chicks 3

Science Chicks 2

Science Chicks 6   Science Chicks 1