Notre Dame were pleased to welcome Caroline Voaden MEP to the school on Friday, to talk to our NDSixth student about her life and current work with the European Parliament.

Caroline Voaden is one of two Liberal Democrat Members of the European Parliament for the South West of England and Gibraltar and students had lots of questions to ask about her work.

Caroline is a freelance editor, a former Reuters journalist and former small business owner, who has lived in South Devon for 10 years.

Her work as a journalist led her to live in six European countries and she speaks several languages. This experience has given her a deep love of Europe and as such she was devastated by the result of the EU referendum, so she decided to stand with the Lib Dems to try and change the direction our country is heading in. She wants her children to have the same opportunities she had to travel, live and work abroad.

Caroline said; “I have always considered myself to be a European. I have lived and worked in six EU countries and have spoken five languages over the years. I became politically active because of the EU Referendum and will be fighting a strong campaign to keep Britain in the EU.”

Thank you to Caroline for coming in and talking to us!