Year 12 pupil Kimberly Field was invited to an eye-opening trip to Strasbourg with the Euroscola project, to find out how the European Union works, and took part in the Youth European Parliament.

Along with students from other from Devon and Cornwall schools, Kimberly met with Sir Graham Watson, Liberal Democrat MEP for South West England.

Sir Watson said: “It was great to welcome such inspiring young people to Strasbourg. They were real budding politicians.

“We talked about everything from the situation in Ukraine, the green energy switch and the forthcoming European Parliament elections.”

He added: “It would be great to see more students coming over to Brussels or Strasbourg for visits or youth European Parliament sessions to see for themselves how things really work here.”

Euroscola is a unique event for school students to learn about European integration by experiencing it first hand. Students from the 28 EU Member States are selected to become a Member of the European Parliament for one day at the Parliament’s premises in Strasbourg.

In order to take part Kimberly first had to win a place in a local competition by researching and preparing a topic based on the EU and to discuss this in another language in front of 2 judges.