There are five Houses at Notre Dame Plymouth. All students, staff and governors belong to a House. The Houses are the way we organise the daily life of the school such as tutor groups, sports events and fundraising. Each House is named after a famous and inspirational woman and is identified by a colour.

The Houses are:

  • Curie – named after the Nobel Prize-winning scientist Marie Curie. The Curie House colour is Blue.
  • Hepburn – named after the actress Audrey Hepburn who used her fame to support fundraising for Unicef. The Hepburn House colour is Red.
  • Nightingale – named after nurse Florence Nightingale, known as the creator of modern nursing care. The Nightingale House colour is Green.
  • Parks – named after Rosa Parks who fought for civil rights in America. The Parks House colour is Yellow.
  • Stang – named after Dorothy Stang, a Notre Dame Sister, who was killed fighting for environmental rights in the Amazon. The Stang House colour is Orange.

Each House is made up of 7 vertical tutor groups with students from Year 7 up to Sixth Form. Each House is led by a Head of House, Senior House Captains from the Sixth Form, and House and Deputy House Captains from each tutor group.


The Senior Student Team

The Senior Student, and two deputy Senior Students, are elected by Sixth Form & Staff. The SST represents the overall leadership of students in the school. They are supported by Senior House Captains who are elected by each House and work together to provide a voice for students and lead whole school events such as Open Days and Awards Evening.

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‘Hello! We are the Head Girls of Notre Dame and we represent the three aspects of our school (head, heart and hands) through the committees we run within sixth form: study, spiritual and social.’

‘I’m Emily and I’m responsible for the study committee, which focuses on enhancing learning, developing skills such as debating and planning, and building a network of support for the students for their time at Notre Dame, helping them to prepare for their future.’

‘I’m Kitty and I’m responsible for the spiritual committee, which cares for the faith and inclusion part of the school, encouraging people to think about social and political issues through reflection and charity.’

‘I’m Megan and I’m responsible for the social committee, which unites the sixth form with the lower parts of the school as well providing A-level students with a relaxing, enjoyable and creative outlet.’

‘This year, all three of us have decided to focus on world issues, predominantly on the refugee crisis and women’s rights. Additionally, we have tried to raise the profile of the sixth form through social and charitable events.’