Lunchtime on Shrove Tuesday saw students donning their trainers and reaching for their frying pans, in the Notre Dame Inter House Pancake Flipping Race!
One student from each tutor group, along with a staff member from each house faced a race down the main hall, pan in hand, with huge crowds cheering them on.

Fantastic pancake flipping skills were shown by all, with some interesting techniques also being displayed!

The final results were:

1st – Stang

2nd – Parks

3rd – Nightingale

4th – Hepburn

5th – Curie


The race was then followed by a one minute flipping competition, with students seeing how many flips they could get out of their pancake within the time limit… and Stang house were victorious again!

Well done to all participants!

IMG_2460 IMG_2449 IMG_2390


IMG_2399   IMG_2389