This term, ND had another Dimension Day, with students challenged to take part in a range of different activities throughout the day.

Year 7 spent the day focussing on Ubuntu activities, looking into our Mission theme of ‘hearts as wide as the world’. They meditated, learnt a hymn for the school Mass, made arty collages and created dramatic freeze frames based on a reading from Isaiah .

Year 8s had a technology day, making healthy salads, faced an engineering challenge and made some crafty creations!

Year 9s had a day of leisure, trying out a range of sporty activities, while Year 11s honed their employability skills.

Year 12s spent the day looking at Self Esteem, and what makes them so unique and special. They then created a mammoth display which was put up in the common room, featuring all the unique qualities that make up our NDSixth students.

It was a great day, and we cannot wait for the next one in July.

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