20 Year 8 students have been working with Livewell South West on their ASSIST programme over the last term, which aims prevent the uptake of smoking amongst young people, specifically, 12-13 year old students.

This year group is considered to be at an age when most students do not smoke but are at risk of experimenting with cigarettes.

Students were selected to train to be a peer supporter based on the results of a short survey, completed by the whole year group. The results identified students who, in the eyes of their peers, were seen as being influential for a variety of reasons.

Nominated students then went on a two day training course at the National Marine Aquarium and involved a number of activities linked to making good choices and increasing self-esteem.

This week, students received their certificates for successfully completing the programme and are well equipped to have conversations with their friends about the risks associated with smoking.

Well done ladies!