Notre Dame Pupil Premium

Pupil Premium  is additional funding to the main school budget and is entirely focused on improving the progress of students in receipt of free school meals, students who have a parent in the armed forces and those who are in care.

School leaders choose how best to spend this funding in an integrated way to ensure that entitled students have access to additional support to enable them to reach their potential.  The budget allows students to have full access to the curriculum whilst aiming to close the gap between those who are eligible for pupil premium and those who are not.

Please click on the link below to view our 2015/2016 Pupil Premium Impact Statement and 2015/2016 Pupil Premium Strategy Statement


The School has been allocated £150,652.50 for the next academic year 2016 – 2017.

Following the success of previous interventions at our school we will ensure the continuation of the following initiatives:

  • An intervention co-ordinator
  • A Pupil Premium Champion
  • HMS Heroes
  • Drawing and Talking sessions
  • Young Carer Group
  • Phonics program
  • Key workers and mentors
  • Intervention teachers
  • Free school meals Top up
  • Support fund
  • Catering ingredients
  • New software – use and training

In addition to these initiatives funding will be used to facilitate staff training on how best to support students and also with the costs surrounding the 2017 Challenge Week in July.

As a leadership team we intend to provide opportunities for all students to achieve through a variety of means and have plans to work with all of our pupil Premium students through both the pastoral and curriculum routes.

We received £8500 Year 7 Catch up pupil premium in March 2016 for the academic year 2015/16.

This allocation will allow the continuation of our key worker / mentor work using new ICT programs in order to support the progress of our younger students.