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British Science Week – Chicks!

Posted 21.03.19

As part of Notre Dame’s activities to celebrate British Science Week, Mrs Lardelli organised the opportunity for students to see eggs incubating and hatching into chicks!

The incubation period is 21 days so Mrs Lardelli planned for the hatching to occur in Science Week.  Students spent their lunchtimes watching the incubator intently and cuddling the fluffy chicks which they named: Nugget, Pepper, Salt, Princess, Dino and Daisy.

Some interesting facts:

Chicks only remain “fluffy” for about 2 weeks as feathers appear really quickly
At 16 weeks they could already start laying eggs
The females determine the sex of the offspring i.e. have 2 different sex chromosomes, whereas in humans the men do
All of the chicks will remain as pets at the family farm. They are not reared for the oven, purely for eggs.



Force 8 Intervention

Posted 21.03.19

Notre Dame has successfully completed its third year of Force 8!

Force 8 is an intervention where two sixth form students from military families, alongside the MKC staff leader, work with the younger students from military families.  They provide them with healthy coping mechanisms, to build up resilience and strength and emotional understanding to overcome the unique situations that they often find themselves in, due to being from a service family.

These aims are achieved through role play, team games and relaxation and breathing techniques.  This intervention continues to be extremely successful and beneficial to our brave MKC students and Notre Dame are very proud of them.

Well done!


Science Success!

Posted: 18.03.19

Will, Year 13, participated in the Chemistry and Biology Olympiads winning a silver and bronze award respectively.  His scores landed him within the top 10% of results of participants.  What an incredible achievement!




Notre Dame Alumni

Posted 11.03.19



Notre Dame have been working closely with the charity Future First to build our alumni network.  They are helping us to reconnect with former students, engage them with our community and get them involved in school life!

We are looking to reach out to as many former students as possible to join our Alumni so we can provide regular updates on what has been going on at Notre Dame, give leavers the opportunity to catch up with old classmates and also to invite them into school to support the delivery of a variety of events to inspire our current students and build on our focus of high aspirations.

If you’d like to join our alumni, please click the following link below:

We’ve recently welcomed 6 former students into school to speak during a PSHE lesson and another alumnus attended our STEM Club at lunch time to participate in the activities.

If you have any questions about our Alumni network, please speak with our in-school contact, Mrs H Hughes:


Former Notre Dame students are always welcome to visit, share stories and inspire a new generation.

“I learned more about what others have been through and that life is not a straight path, I should take many opportunities” – Year 10 student.

Six former students came in to share their career paths with Year 10, providing insight into work, further study and life!  What would you say to your 16 year old self?

“I had a great time at the STEM club yesterday.  The kids were really engaged and enthusiastic which was great.” – Former student, Carly.

Carly, a technical support/network operations manager, was invited back to the school STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) club and spoke to the students about her […]

Parent/Carer SEND Conference

Posted 11.03.19


Meet our new Senior Students – Beth, Erin and Mmesooma!



Posted: 05.03.19

Charity Donation to the Children’s Ward at Derriford Hospital

Well done to our Year 8 Stang House students who held  fundraising events during 2018 including cake and handmade card sales.

They were able to present the Children’s Ward at Derriford Hospital with a cheque for £100 which will go towards play items for children during a stay in hospital.

Well done to all involved, a great effort!

Posted 28.02.19

Year 9 Vaccinations – Diphtheria, Tetanus, Polio and Meningitis ACWY

For the attention of Parents/Carers of Year 9 Students

Please see the letter from Virgin Care posted in our ‘Letters’ section on the ‘Information’ tab (link below).

The Immunisation Team will be visiting all secondary schools in Devon to vaccinate children against Diphtheria, Tetanus, Polio and Meningitis ACWY as part of the National Childhood Immunisation Programme and are now inviting parents / guardians of children born between 1st September 2004 and 31st August 2005 to register their consent for the above vaccinations by 10th March.  Instructions on how to do so are detailed in the letter (link above).

The Immunisation Team will visit Notre Dame on Monday 29th April 2019 and Tuesday 30th April 2019 to conduct the vaccinations.

Posted 26.02.19

Military Kids Club Heroes Meet the Plymouth MP’s

The Military Kids Club Heroes from schools all across Plymouth were given the opportunity to go to the Plymouth Council Chambers and have a formal meeting with three MP’s on 11th January 2019.  The MP’s were Johnny Mercer, Gary Streeter and Luke Pollard.

During our weekly MKC Heroes club, the group discussed and prepared the important questions that they wanted to ask the MP’s.  Three of our students were given the opportunity to attend the meeting; however, they were confident that, due to their preparation, they would represent the group well.  On the day, they did exactly that.  When it was Notre Dame’s turn to ask our question, one of our Heroes spoke clearly, politely and with great confidence.  The question was answered in depth by Johnny Mercer and the students took notes of his response.

Once the meeting had finished, the students enjoyed informally chatting with the MP’s and the other students from different Plymouth Schools.  They even got pictures with the MP’s.  It was an amazing experience for the MKC Heroes and we are grateful for the opportunity.

Posted 25.02.19



Year 12 Dimension Day

Year 12 students have been busy today getting involved in the You’re hired! business challenge, which endeavours to find “Plymouth’s Most Employable 17 Year Old”.

Participants take part in teams, and the best few individuals from each heat progress to the Final, which is held in the summer with winners from other schools.. 
The winners this year are Beth Blake, Chloe Burgess and Erin Kielsta. The reserves are Gabriella Barwick, Lucy Thomas and Mmesooma Ubadigha. 
Well done to everyone!   
Posted 14.02.19