Examinations Officer

Mrs Victoria Edwards- exams@ndonline.org

Examination Schedule

Our exams commence on 13th May and finish on 26th June (2018-19 academic year).  Year 13 courses commence straight after the exams so no holidays should be booked until the end of the school year.

Illness and Absence From Examinations

Should any student be unable to attend an examination because of illness or emergency it is vital that parents inform the School as soon as possible.  Please contact Mrs Edwards.

All absences from examinations for medical reasons must be supported by a Medical Certificate obtained from your doctor. Without such proof of illness, the examination authorities can refuse to give any special consideration.  If a student misses an examination they will fail that paper, however if they have already sat 50% or more of the award they may still be given an overall qualification should there be sufficient reason, for example hospitalisation.

If a delay occurs on the way to an examination which means that you will miss the start time of an exam, please inform the school and continue to come into school.

Key Documents