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Message from PCC re: Covid-19 and Testing

Posted 16.09.2020

Please read the letter below by clicking the following link:

Plymouth City Council have written to parents/carers regarding Covid-19 Testing.  It is important that you read the letter in full.

Thank you.

Cancellation of Challenge Week 2021

Posted 08.09.2020

Please click on the link below to read the letter in full:

It is with regret that we write to inform you that we have made the difficult decision to cancel next year’s Challenge Week which was due to take place in July 2021.

This decision has not been made lightly.  We have considered all of the factors, but due to the present COVID-19 pandemic, we do not feel that we can guarantee the safety of our students taking part in the planned activities across various locations.

We are very disappointed and know that you and our students will undoubtedly feel the same way.  We hope you understand that our decision has been made with your child’s safety and health in mind, as our first priority.

Year 7 Flu Vaccinations

Posted 07.09.2020

Flu Vaccinations for Year 7 Students

Please find below a letter sent on behalf of Virgin Care Immunisation Team who will be administering Childhood Flu Vaccinations to Year 7 students on Monday 21st September 2020 at Notre Dame Plymouth.

In order for your daughter to be given the vaccine, you must complete the online consent form (link is in letter below).

Please note that vaccinations are organised by Virgin Care and any queries regarding the vaccinations should be directed to them. Contact details are included within the letter below.

Back to School/Face Covering Guidance

Update: 03.09.2020
Yesterday we wrote to all parents and carers to advise them that following government guidance on 28th August, face coverings (masks or visors) will be compulsory for all students and staff in corridors and communal areas.  This is an extra measure to ensure that we are protecting others in our community.
We realise some students and staff will be exempt on medical grounds from wearing face coverings.  The government have outlined who this exemption applies to, those who:

cannot put on, wear or remove a face covering because of a physical or mental illness or impairment or disability
speak to or provide assistance to someone who relies on lip reading, clear sound or facial expression to communicate

SEND and pastoral staff will liaise with families to establish which students fall under these categories for exemption.  A hidden disabilities lanyard, also called the “sunflower lanyard” because of its appearance – a strip of green with a pattern of yellow sunflowers, will be issued to these students to act as a discreet sign for others in our community that they are exempt from wearing a face covering.
Please ensure that your child is equipped with a face covering to wear:

To/from school if they are travelling on public transport
At school in communal areas and corridors and in classrooms where they cannot be forward facing

Students should wash their hands before and after touching their mask – including to remove or put them on – and the safe storage of them in individual, sealable plastic bags between use.  Disposal of temporary face coverings should be into a ‘black bag’ waste bin (not recycling bin).  Reusable face coverings should be placed into a plastic bag when not in use.
The government guidance in full can be found here:
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Messages for Year 13

  Dear students,

September Opening Plans

Posted 17.07.2020

Please find below a link to Mrs White’s letter to parents/carers outlining the September Opening Plans.

Leaver’s Mass


A Mass dedicated to all our Year 11 and 13 leavers as they go on their new journeys, as well as our sisters and brothers in our primary schools, was said on Friday 3rd July.

Thank you to Bishop Mark for offering Mass for us.

If you didn’t manage to watch the live broadcast, it is available to view below!


Message from our YSLs

24.06.2020 Hi from the ND YSL team!

Change to School Day Timings from September 2020

Posted 24.06.2020

Please click the link below to read Mrs White’s letter to parents regarding a slight change to the length of the school day from September 2020.

Coronavirus, COVID-19 SCHOOL CLOSURE from 23/03/2020 (updated 16.07.2020)

Please refer to the linked documents below for a chronological order of letters and other resources.  The most recent documents appear at the top.

Updated 16.07.2020

Please find below some more Tempus Resources:


Updated 03.07.2020

Click the link below to read Mrs White’s most recent letter to parents:


Updated 23.06.2020

Click the links below to read Mrs White’s most recent letters to parents:

General COVID-19 Update:

Tempus Resources:

For Parents/Carers using the Educare provision service:


Updated 04.06.2020

Click the links below to read Mrs White’s most recent letters to parents:


Weekly COVID-19 Update:

Road Closure Information w.c 8th and 15th June 2020:


Updated 21.05.2020

Below is a link to a letter from the CEO of Plymouth CAST and Mrs White, Headteacher.


Updated 20.05.2020

Click the link below to read Mrs White’s most recent letter to parents.  It includes information on the school closure during half-term (25th – 29th May), educare provision from 1st June 2020 and the provisional phased return plan for Years 12 and 10 students.  Some wellbeing (Tempus) resources are also mentioned and linked below.

Mrs White’s letter:

Tempus Resources:


Updated 15.05.2020

Click the link below to read Mrs White’s most recent letter to parents.


Updated 06.05.2020

Click the link below to read Mrs White’s most recent letter to parents.

If you require provision for any weekday(s) across the next two weeks (Monday 11th May – Friday 22nd May inclusive) because you are a keyworker and cannot leave your daughter at home alone, please email by 3.00pm on Thursday 7th May 2020 with details of which day(s) you will require the provision. Please see the letter for full details.


Updated 01.05.2020

Click the link below to read Mrs White’s most recent letter to parents.  It has a focus on wellbeing and the resources mentioned within the letter can also be found below.

Tempus Resource:

Time Capsule Resource:

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