A scene, situation, or experience that keeps changing and has many different aspects

A collection of butterflies

The butterfly is a symbol of hope and new life – change and transformation

Living our Notre Dame Mission
‘Education… is about forming the human person, equipping him or her to live life to the full’

Pope Benedict XVI

Life is hard enough as a teenager let alone when you’ve lost a loved one.

Simple tasks you did before such as getting up, eating, doing homework and going to school can be a lot harder for many. If you’ve lost a loved one, you may feel that you can’t talk to a close relative or friend about this in fear of making them upset as well.

At Notre Dame there are things in place for students to remember their loved one or talk about their worries in a safe space should they want to.

Kaleidoscope is a drop in group for young people going through the death of someone close to them and is for anyone in the school, whether you’ve just lost someone or have years ago. The name Kaleidoscope reflects upon the journey that we go through after loss, from a caterpillar to a butterfly; Kaleidoscope is the collective noun for a group of butterflies.

Having a group of different people, all at different stages in their journey, to talk to can show you that you are not alone. Things that are worrying you that you may think are strange, really aren’t and you’ll find that many people are feeling or have felt the same way as you.

Kaleidoscope is also there for you to remember and talk about your loved one if you wish, with optional activities taking place to do so. Equally, some students may not feel comfortable talking with a group of people and that’s fine as well. One to one sessions are available if you want to do the same activities but in a more enclosed environment.

In both types of sessions, if you have any worries regarding school it can be sorted out or made easier for you. We want to make school a comfortable place for you, considering you spend every day there.

Please do not hesitate to ask for help or attend either of the sessions above and remember that just getting up and into school can be a huge achievement.

By Annabel
At some point in our life we all suffer loss, grief and bereavement. Kaleidoscope reaches out in possibly one of the most difficult times of our student’s life. Christ’s resurrection gives hope – as a Catholic school we are dealers in hope – what greater need is there for us to reach out and offer hope than when they and their families are suffering such loss?

Visionary – in darkness Kaleidoscope offers hope

Sacramental – the sacramental nature of the human person – ‘ I came so that you can have life and have it in abundance’ – Kaleidoscope can help our bereaved students begin to emerge from the pain of grief and loss and feel they can start to live life again

Relational – helping students to adjust to monumental changes within their families

Transformational – helping students to cope with their grief and learn how to live with it

Kaleidoscope Aims:

Reaching Out  You are not alone

Listening         Trying to make sense of grief

Caring              Finding ways to face the future

Hope                Life after loss, Continuing bonds – remembering and honouring
Our Kaleidoscope group is proud to have been the first in the country to be awarded the Compassionate School Award for our support of students who have suffered a bereavement.


Mrs A Morrison – [email protected]