Young Carers

Are You A Young Carer?

Young Carers are children or young people under 18, who care for a family member who is ill or disabled. They carry out significant caring role, looking after a family member with a long-term illness, disability, mental health concern or substance misuse issue.

The caring young carers do may include one or more of the following:

Emotional support , Household jobs , Medical care , Personal care , Physical care

If you think you are a Young carer then please join YOUNG CARERS NOTRE DAME

We are here to support you with your education and well-being

Our Group

We meet once a week for lunch & a chat (Wednesday lunchtime)

We provide mentoring, support and a quiet place to take time out

We organise respite activities

We provide counselling opportunities for those in need

In 2017 we celebrated receiving the Young Carers Bronze Award
Useful Contacts
[email protected]           01752) 856729          
What the Young Carers say…….

“The young carers group at school is a happy place where I can be myself and talk to others who understand my problems”

“I have attended the group for nearly 5 years now and it has really made an impact on my school life”

For more information about the group and local support please contact

Mrs Sampson ([email protected])