Head of Nightingale
Miss D Hart – [email protected]
Born to a rich family in Victorian Britain, Florence Nightingale’s dream to become a nurse seemed an impossibility. The profession was considered unsuitable for a lady and an inappropriate substitute to marriage. Yet, Florence Nightingale did not give up her dream, despite the many obstacles she faced.

Some of her notable achievements include helping thousands of wounded soldiers in the Crimea war by providing them with efficient treatment and necessities. She also set up nursing schools, trained nurses herself and eventually managed to establish nursing as a respected career.

Nightingale used her heart and her faith in God to succeed in her goals. She reminds us that sometimes it is important to take risks. She reminds us that we must never give up. Most importantly, she reminds us that it is important to be kind and caring to others.

She grew by giving, and in Nightingale House we also “give to grow”.

We are aware that being caring is the best achievement we can experience, and we show this through the way we treat our peers, through fundraising for the local community (such as Shekinah Mission) and by making sure that everyone feels welcome in the Notre Dame community.