Safeguarding Children Documents
Student Support and Welfare

The RSE Policy written by the Diocese of Plymouth is open to consultation and comments are welcome to [email protected]

All new students and staff receive a Privacy Notice with information regarding data protection of personal student data as part of their Admission or Induction Pack. Parents or students over the age of 16 have the right to withdraw their consent for the sharing of some information.
The aim of the Freedom of Information Act is to promote a culture of openness and accountability amongst public sector bodies. Schools are under a duty to provide advice and assitance to anyone requesting information following procedures set out in the policy documents below:
Funding Agreement
Exclusion Arrangements
Fixed Term Exclusion

All fixed term exclusions will be sanctioned by the Headteacher. Fixed term exclusions are an extremely serious sanction and will not be used lightly. However, if a student persistently fails to respond to the School’s systems, and their behaviour remains disruptive, the school will use Fixed Term Exclusions. The School will also use these for isolated serious incidents.

Permanent Exclusion

Permanent Exclusion is the most serious sanction the school has, and will be very rarely used. However, a student may be permanently excluded for an extremely serious “one off” incident such as serious violence, serious bullying or supplying drugs.